The easy way to get a job

Connecting with people

Research shows that approximately 80% of people get their jobs through their connections with others in their community. This is documented in many articles on the internet and a search on “hidden job market techniques” in Google will find lots of ideas on how to tap into this hidden job market.

We encourage our clients to use this way of searching for work and go through the ways of doing this in one of our workshops. We have a number of examples of clients getting their jobs this way and some of our staff are also working here because of the connection they have had with us. Her are a few examples of how people have got jobs through using their connections:

  • A was helped to get his job in a sheepskin processing factory as he had some friends working there who could speak up for him.
  • T was shoulder-tapped by showing an interest in working at a business.
  • J’s dad heard about a job going at his place of work, got her an interview, and she got the job on her own merit.
  • G had just qualified as an engineer and couldn’t get a job in engineering. He was doing some work for a community organisation and two board members turned out to have contacts in the engineering industry. He got an engineering job through them.
  • S heard from a neighbour about a job going at his place of work and got an interview.
  • A applied, had an interview and was assisted into getting her job as she knew someone who already worked in the business. She had questioned her friend about the business and so was able to show in the interview that she knew quite a lot about the business.

    If you think that you don’t have any people you are connected with, our workshop will show you that you probably do have. Contact us and we can book you in.

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