Turning your hobby into a business

Heather from Flax Floristry School shares her experience about running a small business: “Recently I travelled with Tracey Wildhaber to speak at an MSD Expo called “Helping Yourself Expo” I was asked to speak as an encouragement to those with disabilities, or those going through long term unemployment to look to their hobbies as a potential business opportunity. I suffer with severe early onset Osteo Arthritis which effects my mobility and live with chronic pain every day. I’m also managing 2 herniated discs in my lower back. Without Flax and Fibre and my Flax Floristry School I would be on a disability benefit. I can work and provide for my family because Flax Floristry is so flexible and varied. Even with disabilities and limited finances this career has helped me be Able. I wanted to share this opportunity to others, thats why I started Flax Floristry School. Flax floristry can be a life changing career option, especially for those who can only work 15 hours a week for what ever reason!”


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