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Robbie is a proven “safe pair of hands” and supervisor of high risk offenders with his gentle yet firm manner. Robbie has been relied upon to look after individuals who may pose a risk to the public and guide them to successful outcomes while adhering to all protocols and expectations. He is also a trained professional instructor, fitness coach and personal instructor and is well able to create for your clients a safe, stimulating and challenging program that exceeds their expectations and builds their confidence and physicality while assisting them through any challenges with his unique coaching style.

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Depression and Anxiety

Interesting Video on Depression and Anxiety. “Depression is 50% more debilitating that most chronic physical illnesses, like angina….treating mental illness should be high on the public agenda.”- Richard Layard of the Centre for Economic Performance.

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Champion Charity

How important is it for us to innovate?

“It’s essential to innovate. In our business of employment, we need to be innovative in order to keep up with the current employment trends and attract new income-generating business. There is a surge of innovation within the whole charity sector that has resulted from there being less philanthropic funding available generally. A number of charities are currently searching for innovative ways to be self-sustainable in order to have less reliance on philanthropic funding. For example, although historically we have provided a free service to client through government contracts grants and donations, we have initiated a fee-paying service that aligns with our mission. ” – Ali Brown

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Hi my name is Leonie at the present moment I am looking for work. I have a vast amount of experience in an organization that helps people resocialise into society and skills in both paid and voluntary work.  I have good communication skills, team player, reliable, motivated and energetic, trustworthy, courteous, physically fit, practically minded can see possible problems before they arise.  Hard worker.  Credit myself as a competent and principled employee.

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Three years’ experience working in Resource recovery sorting material for recycling. Excellent references that will attest to Caleb’s reliability and strong work ethic.

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