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Working towards an apprenticeship

Thomas (not real name), swearing and cursing, arrived at Catapult very discontented, having had knock back after knock back in his job search. His medical diagnosis of ADHD (inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development) was exhibited in his aggressive approach to our service. Thomas was aware of the way his condition affected his behaviour and he suggested he would like a position that would leave him physically and mentally tired at the end of the day. While working with Thomas, we found that he had done some work experience while at school with a Brick and Block laying company. The company was identified and the owner, who remembered Thomas being a good worker, agreed to have a formal interview with him. Thomas started work the very next day and was enrolled to complete a Site Safe Passport. With some support from both the training organisation and Catapult staff, he successfully completed the passport. That was in February 2014. Two years later, in February 2016, all Thomas’s hard work, commitment and reliability paid off and he was rewarded with the offer of an Apprenticeship with his employer. Persistence and patience has paid off for the employer, who now has a valued employee to contribute to his business, and for Thomas, who has a job which he enjoys and a good working future ahead of him.

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Looking for employees?

Three new candidates have just been added to our profiles of people seeking work. Janet looking for work as a carer, where her caring and empathetic nature can be used to help others. Janet has a full licence and reliable transport and is available to work part time or full time. Cindy is looking for a role as a community support worker, where she can use her skills and experiences completing personal cares and domestic assistance. Cindy has a full licence, reliable transport and is available to work nights and weekends. Alecia has a passion for gardening and horticulture; she is currently studying a level 3 certificate in horticulture. She is looking for a role where she can get her hands dirty and utilise her knowledge and experience of horticulture. Check out our Candidates page for contact information for these candidates as well as information on other available candidates.

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Menz Shed

menzshed-logo-300x230The Menz Shed is a great place for blokes to learn new skills and for those seeking work, they can learn skills that are valuable to employers. It’s also a community space for men to gather together to share their skills, have a laugh, and work on practical tasks personal projects or on a group project.

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In The Name of The Law

Erin-300x230If you visited the offices of Community Law Canterbury earlier this year, you might already be familiar with one of Catapult’s clients. Erin Gough was  involved with CLC from 2012 until very recently, both as a member of their Disability Law Advisory group and as a Student Case Worker. Having graduated from University of Canterbury in December 2014 with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) she proved herself to be the ideal candidate for a newly created junior position at CLC: Access to Justice Advisor—Disability Portfolio. Catapult supported CLC and Erin’s application for MSD Mainstream funding for the position and the application was successful. Erin started the job in April this year, around the same time as Erin was appointed to our Board of Directors. Well, it seems things move fast in Erin’s world, as she recently moved to Wellington and was appointed the Human Rights Commission’s Disability focused Specialist. Congratulations Erin! An exciting journey for a very neat lady.
Read more about Erin on the HRC web site.

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Catapult Embraces Enabling Good Lives Initiative

egl-300x240eglChristchurch is currently in the middle of piloting a new government initiative known as Enabling Good Lives. Enabling Good Lives is being designed to assist people with disabilities and their families to consider what a good life looks like to them and how to achieve it.
The individual, with the initial support of an Independent Navigator, will have increased control over their life, systems, supports, services and funding. They will be supported to access mainstream services before speciality disability services and existing service providers will be encouraged to make processes more simple and flexible.
Catapult are very happy to support the principles of the EGL scheme and are working alongside the Local Advisory Group and with a number of clients, to ensure services offered by Catapult are both relevant and appealing.
To learn more about Enabling Good Lives, visit the Office For Disability Issues online at

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