Catapult Consultant Wins Award for Excellence in Employment Practice

Luke-2015-NZDSN-awardMoving from unemployment to winning the New Zealand Disability Support Networks 2015 award for Excellence in Supported Employment Practice has been a fast journey for Luke Kenmare (Iwi – Te Arawa, hapu – Ngati Rangitihi). 18 month’s ago Luke was a client of Catapult and was looking for paid employment. Seeing potential in Luke’s abilities and capacity to work as an Employment Consultant, Catapult offered him a one-year contract. His potential was soon realised, his experiences in having “been there and done that” as far as unemployment is concerned bringing an extra dimension to his work. An example of his excellent work is the relationship he has built with the recruitment manager at Canterbury Linen Services, the relationship helping him to assist four of Catapult’s clients into paid work in this business. Luke has an ability to get a good understanding of client choices and aspirations and is able to match the right people to the job. All of the people he has placed at Canterbury Linen Services have a disability of some sort, ranging from cognitive to mental health to Aspergers and are shaping up to be long-term employees. Luke provides on-going support to both them and the employer through regular visits and conversations. Seeing potential in people, understanding the meaning of work for them and how it opens doors is what drives Luke to achieve his results.

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