Work-Focussed Anxiety Management Counselling Service

10 week one-on-one Work-Focussed Anxiety Management Counselling programme which gives tools to manage anxiety and increase work readiness

It’s normal to feel stressed or anxious at times and it can be a useful part of our brain letting us know to pay extra attention or that we need to take care.  However, anxiety can get out of hand when the thoughts become overwhelming, start to impact negatively on your life and you feel unable to cope or to do the things you want.

Do you experience any of the following:

  • Inability to apply for jobs due to fear of what might happen next
  • Excessive worry about what others think about you
  • Recurring thoughts or images of past stressful events eg. work place bullying or an embarrassing event
  • Symptoms such as feeling on edge, difficulty concentrating, sleep issues, racing heart.
  •  Avoidance of situations that might trigger anxiety

There are various forms of anxiety related to people, events, and/or specific situations and you may not experience all of the above, but if you notice anxiety is stopping you from returning to the workforce, then our work focused counselling service can assist you in moving forward.

  • Solution focused
  • Addressing limiting beliefs and thought patterns
  • Finding alternative responses to ’triggers’
  • Aligning conflicting aspects
  • Mindfulness and breathing techniques

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  • Free no-obligation first meeting
  • $60 per session for a set of 10 weekly sessions
  • This service is also accessible through Work and Income’s disability allowance. Check here to see if you are eligible for this allowance. If you are eligible through the Disability Allowance please complete the online referral form here