Employer-win, employee-win recruitment

Fairfax Media needed an administration assistant and approached Catapult for help in finding one for their offices in the centre of Christchurch. After visiting the site and identifying their requirements, Catapult arranged candidate interviews. Kezzy was chosen, and Catapult assisted Fairfax Media to apply for Mainstream funding. This meant that the employer was fully-funded for the first year of employment with Catapult  providing on-the-job training for Kezzy when she started. We regularly visited Kezzy and her supervisor on site to ensure all was going well. The position has worked for both the employer and the employee and Kezzy is still in the job two years later and still loves it.

Before starting with Fairfax Media, Kezzy did voluntary work in a local cafe for two years. This was invaluable for her as it gave her an insight into the world of working as well as giving her a good idea about what employers want from an employee. It enabled her to start the job with confidence and do her job well from the beginning. Fairfax Media have been very pleased with her as as employee and with the service Catapult provided.