Benefits of Work Focused Anxiety Counselling

Learning skills to reduce anxiety, increase calm and self-belief are some of the benefits the graduates of our Work Focused Anxiety Counselling are discovering, describing the service as ‘the best thing I’ve done’, ‘enjoyable’, and ‘enlightening.

People are saying they are feeling and thinking differently in a number of ways. For example, a male client after 7 sessions rated:
• an increase in his self-confidence went from only 20% to 80%
• his ability to manage anxiety went from 30% to 80%
• his feeling of able to trust others went from 30% to 80%
• his feeling of being work ready increased from 30% to 70%

People say that they feel so much better and more in control over their lives and that they feel more relaxed in reference to thinking about work. One client mentioned that she felt the most relaxed she’s ever felt, another was able to order her thoughts and make her future look clearer because she now saw options. Sleep improved for a client who applied the relaxation techniques at night that he learned in sessions. One client mentioned that anxious thoughts are not taking over his life anymore and he feels more positive about his future and getting into work.

Part of the counselling process involves exploring a person’s own values and this has enabled clients to explore work options that make them feel motivated towards working. In their next steps, some of our clients have started work, work experience or volunteering and others are looking at further education. For others, the Work focused Anxiety Counselling was a vital preparation phase before they start their job search in earnest.

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