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Team Work

“We’re a team and we’ll make it happen together.” This is the message we make clear to job seekers that come to our service: it’s not Catapult consultants working for you but working with you. Some people shy away from that but others really like the opportunity to be involved and take ownership of their future.  We’d like to share a great example of this.

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Finding staff at short notice

Managing a fluctuating workload has many challenges. Not least of these is finding staff, often at short notice, with the motivation and flexibility to work on a casual basis.Dave is a business data-cabling contractor and often doesn’t know from one month to the next what his work load will be; whether he still has the same pool of casual staff to call on  or where  his new staff will be found.  The stuff of logistical nightmares for some but not so for Dave. He’s managed it long enough to have established systems to bring it all together and that’s where Catapult helps out.

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Farewell to Ali

Ali Brown retired from her role as Catapult’s CEO in 2017. We held a farewell party for her at Catapult and were joined by colleagues, friends and Catapult supporters, many of whom had Ali-focused yarns to share.  Kev Blogg, Catapult’s founder and patron, was amongst them and commented in his toast to Ali that employing her had proven to be one of the best things he’d done for Catapult.

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Volunteering, a positive step

Why would anyone think about volunteering when paid work is their goal?

When paid employment is the long term goal our advice to do some volunteering isn’t always greeted with enthusiasm, but it should be. It’s a very positive step in several ways: establishing routines; workplace experience, developing skills to fill those blank CV spaces. And, if the work is well done, the potential of a good reference.
All huge positives towards getting paid employment.

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