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Meet Iwa the stress-buster!


A friendly canine welcome awaits people when they come into our place in Barrington St. Iwa, (pronounced Ee-waa), a chihuahua, comes to work each day with Vicky, our receptionist/administrator and spends his time keeping staff company as well as providing a friendly distraction for clients. Research is showing that the mere presence of animals helps us to engage with new people and to cope with stress. We have found that a number of clients enjoy Iwa’s presence, and he helps them to relax a little in the stressful time of job search. Iwa seems to enjoy coming to work too, although he does look forward to the weekend, the same way the rest of us do!

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Thanks CreateIP!

CreateIP,  a company which provide “intelligent and dependable advice on all matters related to IP”, recently chose Catapult Employment Services to be the recipient of one of their annual donations to charity. Catapult was chosen as the result of our success in the Champion Canterbury Business Awards where we won the Champion Canterbury Business award for the Charity Small Enterprise section.  Catapult are delighted with the support from CreateIP and are putting the donation towards the fund we use to assist people with some practical things they require to find paid employment. This could be a Site Safe Certificate, a drivers licence, short-term training such as the certificate of approval for security work, or a bus pass and phone card. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a huge difference. Thanks CreateIP!

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Welcome to our new employment counsellor

We’d like to welcome George Gribbin to our team at Catapult. George has taken up the role of lead Employment Counsellor in our Work-Focussed Anxiety Counselling Service after Maree left to increase her private practice. George has experience as a counsellor with anxiety, sexuality, stress and relationships. George previously worked as a high school guidance counsellor and at Youthline as a phone/ text counsellor. George is Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) trained, and is using this to help clients’ better manage their anxiety in relation to employment. George loves his music and has an interest in music therapy, has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education Counselling and is in his final year of a Masters of Counselling.

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Catapult wins Champion Canterbury Business Award!

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Catapult are delighted to have won the Champion Charity Small Enterprise Award in the Champion Canterbury Business Awards 2016! We’d like to thank the Business Awards for including a section for charitable organisations, and their recognition that ‘not-for-profit’ organisations do need to make an sustainable income to be able to provide their services. Thank you also to Rātā Foundation and The Press who sponsored this section. Credit for this award must go to both the staff of Catapult, who work incredibly hard to provide employment services to often very vulnerable people, and to the trustees, who generously give their time, guidance and governance. Catapult’s founder and patron, Kevin Blogg, also deserves a great deal of credit for his vision 12 years ago of setting up a supported employment service for people with disabilities. Catapult has worked with hundreds of Canterbury employers over the past few years. We are proud to say that Canterbury has a growing number of employers who see the abilities a person has, rather than any disability, and who employ a diverse range of people in their businesses. We welcome more employers to join with us in helping get Cantabrians into work. The people who come to Catapult for our services put their trust in our ability to provide them with excellent service — this award validates that trust.

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Having completed the MOT Defensive Driving Course and his with Class 2 driver’s licence, supported with DG & F endorsements, Gordon is looking to secure a role in the transport industry

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Empathetic by nature, James has completed his studies in Live Sound and Event Production and Audio Engineering and now looks to turn his attention to building a career in Community Support – be it in the Mental Health field or working with vulnerable youth. James has Full drivers licence – class 1.

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Craig has a Diploma in Radio – 2 years’ plus of industry experience creating attractive radio advertisements supported by work as an Office Assistant doing data entry and general marketing duties.

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Three years’ experience working in Resource recovery sorting material for recycling. Excellent references that will attest to Caleb’s reliability and strong work ethic.

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